Tournament and Event Registration + Calendar

Club Events, IGA Tournaments and Leagues

Registration for men’s and women’s association and club events, Idaho Golf Association tournaments and twilight leagues are facilitated through Golf Genius via the calendar below.  You will not be able to register for an event until close enough to the date that it becomes open.  A current GHIN handicap number is required.

All renewals and new GHIN establishments for the 2023 EHMGA/EHLGA and GHIN handicap are done online through the link below.

To join the EHMGA or EHLGA for the 2023 season and either renew or establish your GHIN handicap, please click the button above and input the following:

Club Name:  Eagle Hills
Zip Code:  83616
Gender:  Select Gender

Golf Genius Tips

  • A GHIN handicap and current GHIN number are required to register.  Two person events will require the GHIN number of both players.  To renew or establish your handicap, go to the Idaho Golf Association website HERE.  Input the following to join the EHMGA or EHLGA:
    • Club Name – Eagle Hills
    • Zip Code – 83616
    • Select your gender
  • Registration is available for each event about one month prior to the start date.  Registration dates are noted next to each event name. 
  • Registration for all club tournaments closes the Wednesday prior at 11:00 PM.  League registration closes one week prior to the start date at 11:00 PM. 
  • Team pairings and hole assignments can be found in Golf Genius through the “Tee Sheet” link once registration has been completed and our golf professionals have finished setting up the event.
  • Results and payouts are also listed through this calendar.  Once the event has been completed and scored you may click “Results” to view winners and payout amounts.
  • Winnings from tournaments prior to September 20th will be applied to the current calendar year and expire December 31.  Winnings from tournaments after September 21st will apply to the following year and expire December 31 of next year.  Upon request, credit from these tournaments can be applied to the current, but must be applied in entirety and will then expire at the end of this year.
  • Special orders for tournament winnings are accepted March 1 through October 31 only, via email only at