Men’s League + The EHMGA

EHMGA Twilight League

The men’s twilight league is a nine hole, 2-man best ball format played on Tuesday evenings.  Flights are available for various handicaps with the championship flight playing for gross scores only and all other flights playing for gross and net.  The 2019 Spring session begins on April 16 and the summer sessions begins on July 9.  Both sessions run for 11 weeks each.  Shotgun times start between 5:30pm and 6:00pm depending on what daylight allows.  Membership in the EHMGA is required to play in league.

Cost per person for 11 weeks of league is $240, which includes green fees, prize fund, HIO insurance and administrative fees.  Register and make payment through the link below.  If you would like to prepay for 11 weeks of 9 hole cart fees you may prepay in the registration form as well.

Summer Twilight League Registration

The registration deadline for summer league is Thursday, July 4 or when our team cap is reached, whichever comes first.


Annual pass holders and employees should use the link below for adjusted green fee rates.  This is only for those who have purchased an annual pass or are currently employed by Eagle Hills Golf Course.  If you use this registration link and are not an annual pass holder or employee you will be billed for the additional green fee costs and cannot play league until those funds are paid.


GHIN and EHMGA Membership Renewal

All renewals for the 2019 EHMGA and GHIN handicap will be done online through the link below.  To renew you will need to have your GHIN number. You can contact us or the IGA if you have forgotten your GHIN.

Previous men’s association members click below:


New association members click below:


The fees this year will be $70 (plus a $2 processing fee by the IGA). The reason for the $5 increase in combined fees over last year is that in 2018 the IGA raised their fees to $37 a year (a $7 dollar raise in their annual fee), but we held to our combined rate of $65 dollars until late in the season because we did not announce the rate change at the first of the year.

By raising the combined rate to $70 ($37 IGA and $33 EHMGA) we recover some of the men’s association fees lost last year, but EHMGA annual fees will still be $2 less than prior to 2017.

If you renew in January and February, the IGA will discount their membership by $5 and waive the $2 processing fee (total of $65). Beginning March 1st their regular rates will kick in including a $2 processing fees for a total of $72.

All handicaps will reset as of January 1st.

Benefits of Joining The Eagle Hills Men’s Golf Association

Membership is open to anyone to join and benefits include:

  • Eligibility to play in the Tuesday Men’s Twilight League
  • Eligibility to play in various monthly tournaments throughout the season, including the Club Championship and Member-Guest. See tournament schedule here.
  • Establishing your GHIN handicap.

The EHMGA Executive Board

Ricky Lauson, President
Dave Radcliffe, Vice President
Steve Henderson, Treasurer
Travis Kuntz, Secretary
Rowdy Hope, Tournament/Handicap Committee Member
Steve Ritchie, Tournament/Handicap Committee Member
Reverend Ted Radcliffe, Tournament/Handicap Committee Member