Hole by Hole Yardage Book

View our mobile friendly yardage book with maps and pictures of every golf hole. Sand traps, greens, fairways, elevations and 150 and 250 yard markers shown below.  Pro tips for each hole are provided by our Head Golf Professional.

Hole One

Handicap 9/11

Lay up to your preferred wedge yardage for a comfortable approach shot on this short par 4.  There is out of bounds behind the green to keep in consideration.

Hole Two

Handicap 7/9

Use an iron to hit to the top of the hill if you aren’t comfortable with your ability to clear the valley.  This will leave you around 165 to the green without having to hit on the slope.

Hole Three

Handicap 15/7

This is the shortest part 5 on the course.  Play your second shot to the front of the green to avoid being long and out of bounds.

Hole Four

Handicap 1/1

Play your tee shot to the left center of the fairway to avoid rolling too far right and under the trees from the slope of the hole.  Aim your approach to the middle of the green, regardless of pin placement because it is the only flat area for landing.

Hole Five

Handicap 13/17

Enjoy this picturesque hole and play the club most likely to leave you at the center of the green to avoid bunkers and water.

Hole Six

Handicap 11/5

This is a tough driving hole with a narrow fairway.  The rough on the right is very playable and better than an out of bounds to the left.

Hole Seven

Handicap 3/3

Play your approach shot to the left center of the green to avoid the false front and sloped right edge.

Hole Eight

Handicap 17/15

This seemingly easy short par three can be harder than it looks and tends to play a little long.  There is a ridge that runs the width of the green.

Hole Nine

Handicap 5/13

The dogleg hole requires a well placed tee shot to avoid running through the fairway to the right.  The green can be a little firmer than the others on the course.

Hole Ten

Handicap 12/4

This par 5 is a great risk-reward hole and with a good drive you have the opportunity to reach the green in two.  Be mindful of ponds to the left and right and out of bounds left of the green.

Hole Eleven

Handicap 18/18

Consider using half a club more on this short par 3.  This hole tends to play into the wind and has a sloped green from back to front.

Hole Twelve

Handicap 8/16

Try to find the fairway for a good birdie opportunity.  Women have a great yardage advantage and a good drive can leave a wedge or chip shot onto the green.


Hole Thirteen

Handicap 6/10

Play your tee shot to the right side of the fairway to avoid having no shot in from the trees that guard the green to the left.  This green is divided front and back by a large ridge that runs through the center.

Hole Fourteen

Handicap 16/12

This is the longest par 3 on the course and can be a difficult tee shot for all.  Play to the center of the green and two putt for par.

Hole Fifteen

Handicap 14/14

A driver is not required on this hole.  Try to leave your tee shot short of the mound and hit a wedge to the green.

Hole Sixteen

Handicap 4/8

Hit a tee shot that will leave you to a comfortable yardage into the green.  The very narrow green is guarded by a long bunker in the front.

Hole Seventeen

Handicap 2/2

This sharp dogleg left requires a good tee shot straight away to have a second shot into the green.  Play short of the yardage on your approach because the fairway slopes to the hole and the green slopes from front to back.  At their own risk, big hitters can cut the corner with a tee shot that carries 275 yards.

Hole Eighteen

Handicap 10/6

This rolling par 5 requires great accuracy to find the green in regulation.  The green has two very distinct tiers, which makes play significantly more difficult.