Coaching by Kyle Weeks, PGA


Meet Kyle Weeks, PGA, Director of Golf

A native Idahoan and proud Boise State fan.  Kyle grew up in rural Idaho playing on the finest home grown golf courses you can find anywhere.  After graduating from New Plymouth High School he attended Treasure Valley Community College on a golf scholarship before transferring the University of Idaho and Boise State University, all leading to being elected to PGA Membership in 2012.  He now resides in Eagle with his wife and daughter. 

Kyle’s passion is in long term coaching and growth of the game and he believes that spending time with golfers in groups working on playing golf leads to a more beneficial experience for all golfers. On course results based group coaching has proven itself to help golfers learn and understand how to score and get the most out of their games. In no other sport would you not spend the majority of your time away from the field of play, but in the last 50 years golfers have searched for an answer on the driving range, hitting balls with no thought or consequences in the constant search for perfection. Those days are over and a new wave of golf instruction, focused on the the player and their relationship with golf will take its place.

In collaboration with Nate Kitt, PGA, of Bend Oregon, Kyle has created the Personal Par Project group instruction program, to change the way we view learning to play and bring in a new wave of golf coaching to replace the broken driving range model.

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Kyle Weeks, PGA, Director of Golf


 Personal Par Project Group Instruction